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status update

Posted Jul 10th 2018

hey! listen! you've probably been wondering what i've been up to since my last post! if you haven't that's alright too but maybe kinda sad 😭


Posted Sep 22nd 2018

what even is life, anyways i updated my blag

My Adventures in Rust

Posted Jan 20th 2018

A while back in mid-2017, I decided to start learning raw OpenGL programming. The obvious choice to start this in was C++, since that was the language I had grown up writing in, and I had a pretty good idea of where to start. I began to lay out the framework of a GLSL demotool, similar to Shadertoy, and started hacking away. After a month or so of work, I had a semi-working project, with command-line arguments to load arbitrary shader programs and execute them in a window. Great!